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Brand Ambassador Program

Pupful Co Brand Ambassador Program

We believe the best way to tell Pupful Co’s story is through people. That’s why we’re recruiting all Pup Lovers to take the world by storm through our "Pup Packer" Ambassador Program.

We’re looking for fun, creative, dog-loving people to back the Pup Packer movement through their local communities by promoting the brand to their friends, family, community and social following.


   1.  Sign up to receive your unique rep code by submitting the form below. (Get Rewarded Button)

   2. Once logged in, click the Get Rewarded Button below and your referral link will be available.

   3. Share your code with friends and family (on social accounts, etc.)

   4. Friends save and you earn

    - Each time you use your code you get 1pt for every $1 spent

    - Each time someone else uses your code, you get 200pts.

    - 2,000pts = $50 credit to our store

   5. Redeem your points for products on our site

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